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Faith, Hope, & Love Venue Videos

Throughout 2019 we have focused on the Team Based – Pastor Led model for GCI churches. Pastors can set the pace through this overview by helping their congregations achieve health through what we refer to as the three venues of ministry:

  • Faith venue (discipleship)—discipling people in the faith—small groups, discipleship classes,. Bible studies, missionary activities and
    click on the image to download the pdf


  • Hope venue (worship)—the Sunday worship service—intentional preparation, inclusive gathering, inspirational worship.
  • Love venue (witness)—mission and outreach—identifying a target community, building relationships, missional events.

Click on the link to view videos from our workshops are Regional Celebrations outlining the purpose of each venue.

2 thoughts on “Faith, Hope, & Love Venue Videos”

  1. I have been enjoying these videos and when Mike talks about loving your neighbor and not do the switch and bait, but to do it in love there are 2 things that keep popping up for me. 1) Jesus died for me as well as for them so His death makes them just as important as I am and 2) Jesus loved me where I was when I was called and so He loves them where they are and He loved us so much before we even came into existence! Praise God for His Eternal Love!!

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