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The Role of the Church Life Coordinator w/ Marty Davey

The Role of the Church Life Coordinator w/ Marty Davey

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In this episode, Anthony Mullins, interviews Marty Davey. Marty pastors our GCI Congregation in Jacksonville, Florida, and Woodbine, Georgia. Together they discuss the role of the Church Life Coordinator in the Faith Avenue.

“Whatever type of activity you’re doing, do you see people being happy? Are they enjoying themselves? We live in a world that’s full of struggles, with many  ups and downs, and live is going to have a lot of pain. Even for Christians, so anything we can do to lift people up
and bring people enjoyment is so good.
It is so good for mental health, so good for spiritual health, and is so good for the bonding love and unity that we need in the church – which also results in people more likely to stay in the church.”
–Pastor Marty Davey


Main Points:

  • What in the world is a Church Life Coordinator and how does it support the Faith Avenue? (8:13)
  • How does a Church Life Coordinator compliment the GCI vision of Healthy Church? (11:16)
  • Give us a sketch of who would be an ideal candidate for a Cross Generational Care Coordinator in a local church setting? (15:23)
  • In your mind’s eye, what does it look like when the Church Life Coordinator ministry is functioning in a healthy way? (20:30)
  • What are some best practices that facilitate the healthy functioning of a congregation’s church life? (30:35)



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