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Book: A Giant Step Forward

A Giant Step Forward: Toward an Emerging Culture of Liberation

The next chapter of Grace Communion International

By Greg Williams, Rick Shallenberger and Tom Nebel

We’ve titled this book A Giant Step Forward because it describes our journey – first into doctrinal reformation, then into a greater understanding of our personal relationship with God, and now into leadership reformation.

Our slogan in leadership development is healthy church. Our goal for GCI churches to be the healthiest expression of churches we can be. Believing healthy church requires healthy leadership, we wrote this book to lay out a plan for developing leaders. The book includes many tools that we have presented in Equipper articles and GCI Church Hacks. These tools are clearly described in this book.

Leadership development is only part of our movement toward healthy church. We also needed a clear focus for our congregations, which we drew from Scripture. Paul uses the terms Faith, Hope and Love, which we believe are three key elements of ministry focus as we seek to join Jesus in his ongoing ministry.

A Giant Step Forward also discusses the importance of these three elements of ministry by sharing the journey we’ve been on and the aspirations of where we strive to go.

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