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Church Hacks 003 | How to Customize your GCI Microsite

Many seekers and guests will visit your website before setting foot on your facility. Your church’s website is your virtual front door. Having an up to date website is a great way to make a good first impression and communicate who you are and what you believe. The GCI Microsite is a resource we provide to help you have a professional and easy to customize a website. Check out this month’s video Church Hack for a step by step tutorial on how to customize your microsite.

One thought on “Church Hacks 003 | How to Customize your GCI Microsite”

  1. Howard, thank you for providing this informative video. It helped me through a couple areas I was struggling with. All in all, the microsite is easy to work with and I really like the graphics. One thing I had been hoping for was a blog page, but since it links to our Facebook page, that will suffice…

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