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We are certainly in interesting times and people have strong opinions about the Coronavirus and how to respond. As the body of Christ, we don’t want to make decisions based on strong opinions, but on how best to serve those our Father has given us to serve. Our biggest concern is sharing Jesus’ life and his love with others. Because of our love for others, we in GCI are in agreement to follow the guidelines given by our government leaders in an effort to contain the virus and protect our members.

We encourage you to host Worship services via platforms such as Zoom, Facebook Live, etc. The GCI Media team has put together a guide of best practices and potential platforms for our pastors, facilitators and ministry leaders.

If you are unable to open the link above, you can also use this link https://resources.gci.org/digital-services-guide.

Rather than giving a sermon, some pastors are emailing the Equipper RCL sermon to their members and then having an interactive discussion via Zoom or phone. Because GCI congregations will be having Easter Worship services following the same electronic formats, the Media team has put together some Easter Service Resources for your use.

We all understand how important it is to stay in touch with one another and our neighbors during this time of unprecedented isolation. In normal times of crisis people flock to church. With that not an option, it still provides us with a great opportunity to look for needs within our local neighborhoods and to “be the Church” to our neighbors and our members. Many people will be suffering from job losses or at least lost income. People may not be able to get out to get food and necessary supplies due to health, age and/or fear. People may be living alone and feeling isolated and a phone call from one of our Pastors or members may be exactly what they need. This is not an easy time, but I am convinced God’s love can and will guide us through this pandemic.

Let’s continue to share his love and life with others,

GCI Media


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