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Kids Korner: Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday (June 11) is a great time to teach kids about the Trinity. But how to do so? Here are some thoughts with related resources from Equipper Editor (and grandfather) Ted Johnston.

My older grandkids (now 11 and 8) have asked me on several occasions about the Trinity. Explaining to adults that God is one in being and three in Persons is challenging enough. But explaining that to kids?

One approach is to make use of illustrations. Though these can help, we have to be careful not to leave children thinking that God is like an egg, water, or a three-leaf clover! Perhaps the best place to start is to explain the truth that God is love, and that love involves the one who loves and the one who receives, then returns that love. We can then explain that the Bible shows that in the case of God, there are three who are forever united in a relationship of giving, sharing and returning love: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. To this explanation we can then add illustrations and additional insights, being careful not to make the ideas too complex and remembering that kids (unlike some adults) are OK with mystery (can an ant explain an airplane?).

Rublev’s icon of the Trinity (public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Here are some resources you might find helpful. If you know of others, or have advice based on your own experience teaching kids about God, please share by posting in the leave a reply box at bottom of the page.

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