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Is There a Best Version of the Bible?


Dr. Gary Deddo, Grace Communion Seminary President, addresses the topic: What is the best version of the Bible to use?

That question is asked often, and it is a good one. First, we have available in English an astonishing range of options to choose from—and growing. Second, there are different ways of translating and also specific aims of particular translations. Even if all were equally helpful in some way, no one could consult even most of them.

For more on this topic, see Gary’s article on the Grace Communion Seminary website.

One thought on “Is There a Best Version of the Bible?”

  1. Occasionally, you will hear Christians staunchly and passionately defending the KIng James Bible as the only “truly inspired” version. For those interested in exploring that particular view, I could personally recommend a book that nicely covers the key issues involved.

    The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust Modern Translations?: Can You Trust the Modern Translations? By James R. White

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