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Tools for Building Healthy Churches

The links below connect to the Ministry Toolbox on GCI’s newly-launched Resources website. The tools found there are designed to assist congregations in pursuing our healthy church vision. 

Healthy church results from several factors, including the two addressed below: healthy leadership and healthy ministries.

Healthy Leadership (REAL Teams)

Healthy church leadership is pastor-led and team-based—what GCI refers to as REAL teams. For an infographic explaining what this means, click here. For videos that give additional detail, click on these links:

Healthy Ministries (Faith, Hope & Love Venues)

Healthy church ministries are achieved when there is vibrancy in three areas (venues) of disciple-making ministry: the love venue (incarnational connection), the hope venue (inclusive gathering), and the faith venue (intentional discipleship). Health in these three venues yields Christ-centered, Spirit-led relationship. For an infographic that addresses the three venues, click here. For infographics specific to each one, click on the links below.

Love Venue (incarnational connection)

  • How to Identify Your Target Community – connecting with nearby, unchurched people.
  • Missionary vs. Missional – developing “missional rhythms” within your congregation.
  • Greeter Ministry – mobilizing a team that extends hospitality to guests and members.
  • Connection Card – for building relationships with guests and visitors (includes a template for making your own branded connection card).
  • Thank You Postcard – a tool for building relationships with visitors, donors and volunteer workers (includes three templates with instructions for making GCI-branded postcards).

Hope Venue (inclusive gathering)

Faith Venue (intentional discipleship)

  • Why Small Groups? – environments for relationally-based discipleship (includes starter curriculum).
  • For additional resources related to intentional discipleship, click here.

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