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Art of Mentoring

“The Art of Mentoring” series dives into the deep impact of mentoring as a powerful connection that can bring about significant changes. In this special bond, people gain valuable things like time, wisdom, experiences, and insights in a way that’s right for them.

Just like other relationships we build, mentoring comes in many forms, each serving different goals and lasting for various periods. Throughout our journey, the Holy Spirit guides us into mentoring connections, wherein we may find ourselves alternately assuming the roles of both mentor and mentee.

Click here to view the videos in the series.

One thought on “Art of Mentoring”

  1. I enjoyed watching both videos. They were informative and helpful. I am enthusiastic about our fellowship’s growing interest in developing the art of mentoring. An important key towards becoming more inclusive and in making the most of the spiritual gifting in our churches. This is a sign of good stewardship.

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