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GenMin Sunset

In the third chapter of Ecclesiastes, Solomon reminds us that everything has a season, including a time to die. While this reality can bring us sorrow and be hard to accept, it is the natural order of things in this present evil age. We have hope in Jesus that one day death will be no more. However, in the meantime, we must accept that the people and things we care about will come to an end one day.

Generations Ministries (GenMin) will end its operations at the conclusion of 2023. GenMin was primarily focused on supporting regional camps and mission trips. GCI no longer sponsors any mission trips, and our emphasis has shifted to neighborhood camps. Hence, there is’nt a need for a centralized coordinator of activities for children and youth.

While GenMin is sunsetting, GCI maintains its commitment to young people. Much of the GenMin focus and resources will be woven into the support provided to local congregations. Instead of being an “add-on,” the effective discipleship of children and youth will continue to be an important component of GCI’s vision of Healthy Church. Additionally, the GenMin webinars will continue to be available as a training tool for adults involved in children’s and youth ministry. The proceeds from those webinars will directly fund support for ministry to young people at the local level. While GenMin is ending, it is our hope that it will continue to foster excellent discipleship experiences for children and youth.

I want to take a moment to thank my predecessors, those who guided GenMin in the past—Ted Johnston, Jeb Egbert, Greg Williams, Anthony Mullins, and Jeff Broadnax. Thank you for your faithful service. Because of you, thousands of people, young and old alike, experienced the love of Christ. I also want to thank those who volunteered at a camp or mission trip. You helped others see Jesus more clearly. You truly are the salt of the earth.

It has been an honor for me to be the GenMin Coordinator. Thank you to all those who prayed for me and shared words of encouragement. You made this work a joy. I am, of course, saddened by the ending of a ministry that I care about—a ministry that has been a blessing to me and my family. However, I believe in the God of new beginnings. GenMin has been planting seeds for decades. Perhaps when it goes away, it will make room for something better to grow? I pray that is the case, to the glory of God.

Dishon Mill
Generations Ministry

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  1. Thank you, Dishon. This is like Advent, an entering into a time of anticipation of Christ’s appearance in our lives and the lives of the young people we are privileged to serve.

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