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The Role of the Cross Generational Care Coordinator w/ Cara Garrity

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In this episode, Anthony Mullins, interviews Cara Garrity. Cara is a graduate of our GCI Internship and Pastoral Resident Programs and currently serves as the Development Coordinator in our fellowship. Together they discuss the role of the Cross Generational Care Coordinator in the Faith Avenue.

“Cross Generational Care has to be defined in Jesus Christ. Because wholeness is in him. He is our true humanity. So, we can’t understand care apart from Jesus. Apart from who he is. Who he has made us to be, and who he is transforming us into. So, a simple way I like to think about the care piece, is discipleship. It is engaging and creating spaces for disciples to be made and for transformation in Christ. Cross Generational care is creating those spaces for discipleship to occur for all generations”
-Cara Garrity, GCI Development Coordinator


Main Points:

  • What in the world is a Cross Generational Care Coordinator and how does it support the Faith Avenue? (5:10)
  • How does a Cross Generational Care Coordinator fit into a congregation with members who represent one generation? (9:00)
  • Give us a sketch of who would be an ideal candidate for a Cross Generational Care Coordinator in a local church setting? (14:45)
  • In a team-based model of ministry, we envision the Cross Generational Care Coordinator collaborating with the Faith Avenue Champion. What are some practical steps for collaboration? (19:49)
  • What are some activities you would recommend to help launch a vibrant Church Life ministry? (31:57)


  • Being the Church – A new curriculum that is part of the On Being Series focusing on the purpose of and our participation in the Body of Christ.
  • Youth Vision – a column in Equipper dedicated to the adults who are actively participating in the discipleship of children and youth.
  • InterGenerate: Transforming Churches through Intergenerational Ministry – InterGenerate, By Holly Catterton Allen, addresses important questions of why we should bring the generations back together, but even more significantly, how we can bring generations back together.
  • Engage All generations – Engage All Generations, by Cory Seibel, suggests how every church can build on its potential and become a more vibrant witness of God’s Kingdom


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