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GCI Worship Calendar

In the last GCI Update letter, Clarity, President Greg Williams explains the importance of clear communication.  He emphasizes:

As we collectively move forward toward Healthy Church, let’s not allow miscommunication to be a roadblock. Please access the vast array of ministry tools designed to serve you where you are in the journey and please feel free to access your ministry supervisors as well. It is imperative that we contextualize what it means to be Team-Based and Pastor-Led in our multiple cultures around the world, and in the midst of our cultural nuances that we share the Christ-like principles of understanding, respect, collaboration, and love, which apply in all circumstances.

To create alignment across our international regions we have updated the GCI Worship Calendar to include language that will work in all of our GCI congregations. You can download the updated version here.


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  1. Thanks for making the denominationally recommended liturgical calendar clearer. As we “learn by doing” these celebrations will increasingly unify our fellowship, always in the realization that our purpose is to point to Jesus as our salvation.

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