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Growing as church leaders

This issue of GCI Equipper focuses on ways church leaders and leadership teams can, through the Spirit, grow in ministry with Jesus. 

From Greg: Don’t offend or be offended
Greg Williams addresses an aspect of leadership competency that is exemplified by Andrew Young and addressed in Scripture.

Andrew Young

On Leadership: Be interested before being interesting
Rick Shallenberger reminds leaders of the importance of listening deeply.

On being and building a REAL team
Greg Williams explores what it means to be truly team-based.

The heart of team-based leadership
Ted Johnston notes that love is the foundation of team-based leadership.

Kid’s Korner: On leading children
Lance McKinnon explores our calling to help children see Jesus.

RCL sermons for March 2018
Here are the Revised Common Lectionary-synced sermons for March:
Sermon for March 4, 2018
Sermon for March 11, 2018
Sermon for March 18, 2018
Sermon for March 25, 2018 (Palm Sunday)
Sermon for March 29, 2018 (Maundy Thursday)
Sermon for March 30, 2018 (Good Friday)

In case you missed the sermons for February, here they are:
Sermon for February 4
Sermon for February 11
Sermon for February 18
Sermon for February 25

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