Equipped for a mission-focused
Journey With Jesus

Rebuilding GCI

This month’s Equipper focuses on how we may participate with God in what he is doing to rebuild our congregations and denomination. The five articles in this issue are linked below. Enjoy! -Ted Johnston, editor

From Greg: Our journey of rebuilding
Greg Williams discusses how we can share in what God is doing to lead us forward to GCnext.
Rebuilding smaller congregations
Bob Miller discusses the transformation in his small, aging church when they changed ministry focus.

Rebuilding larger congregations
Dustin Lampe, Marty Davey and Gabriel Ojih recount how their churches are being rebuilt using tools acquired through GCI’s Outside the Walls consulting. 

Sermon summary: Forward with Jesus
Brian Carlisle preaches about how Peter’s encounter with the risen Lord Jesus transformed his life and ministry.

Kid’s Korner: Planting lasting seeds
Susi Albrecht and Nancy Akers discuss the purpose and power of children’s ministry and children’s church.

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