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Process of Development

This is the first of a series of articles on the process of development that discusses the 4 Es of Engage, Equip, Empower and Encourage.

By Cara Garrity, Development Coordinator

What do you think about when you hear the word “development”? What examples come to mind? How would you describe them?

One of the images that comes to mind for me is film development. When I was growing up, disposable cameras were a popular way for kids to document fun activities like summer camps and field trips. I loved taking my disposable cameras to the pharmacy photo center for the film to be developed. I would return a few days later and pick up my fully developed photos! It was a fast and simple process.

I wonder if too often we treat the development of people in a similar fashion – we expect a quick return on our investment of time and resources. I admit, too often I have expected development, both my own and others’, to be a fast and simple process.

I wonder if instead, the development of people is more like the art of developing photographs in a dark room. Perhaps it is a hands-on, intentional, and slow process that takes time, investment, and purpose.

Developing people is a process much more so than a one, or even two, three, four, time event. The 4 Es – engage, equip, empower, encourage – provide an intentional process to guide the development of the priesthood of all believers for participation in Jesus’ ministry. This is a vital aspect of discipleship, not something reserved for full-time, ordained, or formal ministry leaders.

Just like developing film in a dark room takes more investment than dropping off a disposable camera at the pharmacy, a personal, ongoing, and hands-on process of development takes more investment than depending on one-time training opportunities.

The GCI Process of Development is a tool created to support us as we make that investment. It explores development as a process critical to discipleship and takes a practical dive into the 4 Es. Check it out here. Also, tune into the January and February  GCPodcast episodes to continue exploring the 4 Es as a process of development.

As we are called to be disciples who make disciples, I pray that you experience the joy of participating in Jesus’ development of people in your very own church context. And I pray that High Support, High Challenge – Grace Always finds you as you do so.

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