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Church Hack: Missional Living

In relationship with our Triune God and in community with one other, we engage in our neighborhoods shining the light and sharing the love of Christ. It is not our own goodness that shapes our motivations and behavior, but we are compelled by the love of Christ and empowered by the Spirit to live differently – interested in the lives and experiences of others and joyfully engaging with our neighbors. In his BELLS model, Michael Frost shares a framework that helps us develop missional habits in our everyday lives.

2 thoughts on “Church Hack: Missional Living”

  1. The story mentions “the missional habits outlined below”, but, there are no habits listed below! I have read the book Surprise the World, after being alerted by our President’s recommendation in the December Update. I am so taken with the book I wrote to our President to thank him for mentioning the book. In addition I have summarized the book into 4 pages, and shared them with the Sydney pastor. Now the book mentions five habits. However, perhaps the bigger element is that the habits are changing me, my outlook, my approach towards the people around me. Anyway I hope someone can refine this article to have more of an impact on readers. Oh yes, if you want to see my 4 page summary, well, you know my email address!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Roger. If you click on the image or the link “BELLS model”, you will be able to download the full pdf.

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