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A Summary of the 4 Es in a Healthy Church

Healthy leaders lead to healthy church, which leads to healthy leaders.

Engage: recognize & recruit

  • Healthy pastors/leaders create an environment of recruiting and invitation.
  • We model a pattern of recognizing and inviting others into life with Christ and participating in the ministries of the church.
  • We keep in mind the diversity of giftings and skillsets while recruiting developing ministry opportunities. We are intentional to find ways to involve all members in some way.
  • We are sensitive to the work and calling of the Spirit in the life of others. We intentionally invite others in and give them opportunity for participation.
  • We are intentional about engagement occurring in the life of our local congregations and our focus neighborhoods.

Equip: develop & multiply

  • Healthy pastors differentiate between ministry workers and ministry leaders in equipping.
  • We are intentional about developing ministry leaders who can develop ministry workers.
  • Our training is relevant and timely to the stage of development and area of responsibility.
  • Our equipping includes both character and skillset development.
  • The meat of our equipping happens at the local church level, is ongoing and hands-on.
  • We accept that developing a healthy leader requires intentionality and recognizing the difference between a ministry worker and one that leads others.

Empower: create space & commission

  • Healthy pastors and Avenue champions empower leaders by creating ministry spaces for new leaders.
  • We give room for the apprentice leader to lead.
  • We create spaces for leaders to step into leadership roles. We commission them before the body for recognition and a healthy charge.
  • We allow others to lead according to their gifting, style, and personality—not as extensions of the self or as pawns.
  • We recognize that in the liberation to lead there is still accountability.

Encourage: call up & affirm

  • Healthy pastors understand that leaders are mainly volunteers and that ministry can become difficult. Thus, we are attentive and encouraging.
  • We lift each other up throughout the difficult journey of ministry. This includes words of affirmation, times of shared prayer, honest conversations, handwritten notes to encourage, etc.
  • We recognize when to lead with strategies, support, or challenge but will also recognize when to pastor and encourage a ministry leader.
  • We acknowledge that encouragement is more than giving praise. It is sharing what we see in a person, calling out their strengths, as well as opportunities for growth.

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