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Strategies Aiding Congregational Growth

Small shifts can lead to revolutionary results.

By Michelle Fleming, Communications Director

A New Year is often an opportunity to develop new habits and make changes to improve quality of life. By the end of January, 64% of people who have made resolutions are successful in maintaining their intended changes. For a variety of reasons, this number continues to decrease throughout the year. (In last month’s Equipper, I shared some common roadblocks when trying something new. If you missed it, you can read it here.)

We know that bumps in the road are inevitable when developing a new habit. But tiny shifts in our practices can lead to revolutionary results. Our current habits will only continue to lead to our current results. This month, we follow up with some strategies to build in support for you and your team as you make innovative changes to your ministry:
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2 thoughts on “Strategies Aiding Congregational Growth”

  1. Much appreciate the suggested change strategies. The contribution shows that we should not be fearful of change. Quite the contrary, we should welcome changes as part of a healthy life cycle and an indispensable feature of spiritual growth. God has given us intellectual capacities to be actively involved with Jesus in the “planting” and “watering process” that Spirit guiding changes involve. Then, in the right time, the Lord will provide growth.

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