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What is Place-sharing?

The practice of place-sharing brings intentionality to the nature of the relationships we form with our neighbors. Check out the following videos to learn what place-sharing is, why it’s valuable, and how it reflects the ministry of Jesus.

GCI President Greg Williams discusses our participation in the Great Commission and how we can share the love and light of Christ with our neighbors.

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Why is Place-sharing Valuable?

Watch these interviews with Place-sharing practitioners and hear their stories about how place-sharing has transformed them in their participation in Jesus’ ministry.

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One thought on “What is Place-sharing?”

  1. Thank you Greg and Cara for this one – two dynamic introduction to Place-sharing. I was familiar with the concept but your fresh look is worth a second and third watch. Looking forward to digesting the ABC’s of Place-sharing and the upcoming three-part series. God bless us all in this extremely important practical venture.

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