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New & Improved GCI Branded Microsite


The GCI Microsite is a resource we provide to help you have a professional and easy to customize a website. This month, we added support for events to our GCI easy website template (aka “Microsites”). You could use this, for example, to promote your Easter service, or other special services during Holy Week on your website.

To see this in action, check out this demo website: https://micro.gci.church/garwood/

You’ll see the Good Friday service featured both in the 4th banner and the left feature block farther down the page. There is also a new “Events” page in the menu. These items only appear when you have added at least one event in the site editor. By default, we select the earliest occurring event to feature, but you can also prioritize which event(s) are featured by checking a box on the event page. If there are ‘featured” events, we choose the earliest occurring “featured” event to feature.

Each event has its own details, and you can customize the images used for featuring the event.

And you will find all of this on your website by clicking “Edit” at the bottom, then clicking the “Events” tab in the editor.

If you do not have a microsite and are interested in setting one up please email support@gci.org

One thought on “New & Improved GCI Branded Microsite”

  1. Thank you all so much for making this possible! It is a great addition, and fills an important need!

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