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GCI: We are family!

Looking forward to our “family reunion” in Orlando in August, the July issue of “Equipper” (articles and sermons linked below) celebrates the blessings we have in GCI as an international family on mission together with the Triune God.

From Greg: Celebrating our family
Greg Williams tells about his recent trips to the Philippines and Mexico where he visited members of our GCI family on mission with God.

On Leadership: Toward team-based leadership
Continuing our series on the characteristics of effective leaders and leadership teams, this article from Rick Shallenberger looks at leadership processes and styles that support team-based leadership.

Clarifying Our Theological Vision, part 4
Building on what he has covered in this series so far, Gary Deddo looks at the nature of the Christian life.

Kid’s Korner: Building relationships
GenMin National Coordinator Jeffrey Broadnax shares insights about starting conversations that lead to the building of relationships with kids.

RCL sermons for August
Here are four sermons synced with the Revised Common Lectionary, covering the 9th through 12th Sundays after Pentecost (in “ordinary time” between Pentecost and Advent).
Sermon for August 6
Sermon for August 13
Sermon for August 20
Sermon for August 27

In case you missed the June Equipper, here are RCL sermons for July:
Sermon for July 2
Sermon for July 9
Sermon for July 16
Sermon for July 23
Sermon for July 30

One thought on “GCI: We are family!”

  1. In behalf of the GCI Pampanga church of the Philippines, thank you for these Sermons Series.
    Since I was commissioned as pastor of our local church in Jan 2015, I had been looking for sermons we can use in our local church in our website. There was none. So I had used some from a Baptist Church in Canada. It was laborious since we need to change those that differ with our teachings. One time, I ended up changing the entire sermon. Only the title remained.
    This time, with these sermons from you, we can easily prepare one.
    Please keep them short. Many in our church dislike long sermons. Especially the youth.
    Please keep it coming.
    Thank you very much.

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