The Impact of Connect Groups on a Local Congregation w/ Grant Forsyth

The Impact of Connect Groups on a Local Congregation w/ Grant Forsyth

“In order to grow our Faith, and our relationship with God, we really need to grow together with one another, in so many ways. I really think that Jesus’ command to love one another is a little difficult with a once a week gathering. It is so much easier to that love play out by gathering more often.”
– Grant Forsyth, GCI Pastor

Main Points:

  • In the big picture, why is connect group ministry important to the Faith Avenue of a local congregation? (7:03)
  • Your congregation has 4 groups running concurrently. What impact have these connect groups had on your congregational life? (9:30)
  • What is the role of the connect group facilitator? How did you go about preparing facilitators for their care of the group? (14:47)
  • What advice would you give to a pastor who may be a little skeptical about connect group ministry because they have tried it in the past or don’t see the value of having group interaction during the week? (23:59)



  • Apprentice Square – a leadership tool that provides a pathway for leaders to journey alongside team members to provide learning opportunities and support, while inexperienced leaders learn a new skill or take on an unfamiliar role.
  • Why Connect Groups? – environments for relationally-based discipleship (includes starter curriculum).
  • On Being Series – a four-part interactive connect group curriculum, designed for biblically-based, dynamic discussions around being a disciple.
  • We Believe– a comprehensive tool for teaching all age groups the core beliefs of our Christian faith.
  • The Basics for New Christians – a less comprehensive tool for teaching adults and older teens.



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