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Commitments on our journey of renewal

Happy New Year! Through the five articles linked below, this month’s Equipper addresses some of the commitments that are key to our journey of renewal.

Cast Your Nets on the Right Side by Greg Olsen (used with artist’s permission)

From Greg: Mutual commitments in 2017
Greg Williams discusses some of the commitments that the Holy Spirit is leading us to make as we continue together on a journey of renewal.

Commitment to prayer
Michelle Fleming discusses the importance of being committed to prayer and offers a “best practice” called one-word prayer.

On Leadership: Commitment to high support – high challenge
Rick Shallenberger discusses the importance of committing to providing one another with high levels of support and challenge.

Commitment to preaching the RCL
This month we begin a new feature to equip pastors and others who are committed to following the RCL in their preaching and worship planning.

Kid’s Korner: Commitment to discipling our children
We provide a free curriculum from GCI to assist congregations in living out their commitment to discipling children.

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