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Developing our congregational leaders

Below are links to the seven articles in the October issue of Equipper, which focuses on developing leaders in GCI congregations. Enjoy! — Ted Johnston, editor

From Greg: Invest in the development of your leaders
Greg Williams urges pastors and ministry leaders to plan now to invest in the development of established and new congregational leaders in 2017.

Jesus with his disciples

Mentoring young leaders
Michael Rasmussen draws from his experience in discussing ways to mentor young (emerging) leaders.

Developing a new pastor: It began with a question
PD Kurts tells the story of how he helped a young leader hear God’s call to pastoral ministry.

Using ministry descriptions in developing your ministry leaders
Heber Ticas shares how he uses ministry (job) descriptions in developing the ministry leaders in his congregation.

Building the leaders around you
Here is an article and a video showing how to use Jesus’ methods in building the leaders in your church.

Sermon video: Safe and Sound
Here is a video that unpacks the Parable of the Prodigal Son. It provides a good basis for a sermon.

Kid’s Korner: What about Halloween?
This month we address the topic of Halloween. What’s the best way to approach this holiday in your Children’s Church?

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